Neurofeedback in the News

Kaman Recalls Frustrations of Childhood

The Clippers’ center started taking medication at 2 1/2 years old for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Wired for Victory

A quiet mind is a winning mind. That’s why the players of the Italian soccer team AC Milan gather every two weeks in the Mind Room, a glassed-in facility at the team’s chic training complex. There, on zero-gravity recliners, listening to the soothing sounds of New Age music, they unwind.

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Physical Therapy for the Brain

Every week for two years, Michael Hammett stared at a computer screen, trying to open a flower with his mind. Hammett had developed a case of carpal tunnel syndrome so severe he needed surgery. But being a former opiate abuser, he refused to use the medications that would be needed to control the resulting pain. Having already tried physical therapy, he set his mind on another alternative: neurofeedback.

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