What is Neurofeedback?

What is Self-Regulation?

We say that Neurofeedback teaches the brain self-regulation. What does this actually mean?

Self-regulation is teaching the brain and the body how to function in a resilient way. When the brain self-regulates, it automatically and unconsciously deals effectively with the physiological functioning of the body, emotional control, and mental performance.

As we feel better, both physically and emotionally, we live happier and more productive lives. Our functioning on a daily basis becomes easier and we become calmer, less reactive and more stable. In terms of behaviors that can be controlled, we become less impulses and better able to think about the consequences of our conduct. As a result, we make better behavioral choices that lead to positive consequences in our lives.

 Self-regulation addresses physiological arousal, instabilities, and disinhibitions, allowing you to have better control over symptoms like panic attack, migraines, tics, difficulty sleeping, erratic swing in mood and chronic pain. Neurofeedback can bring an immediate reduction of these symptoms with the first session, however repetitive training is required to maintain these changes.  

Dementia and Memory

Neurofeedback may shortly be more generally recognized as being at the heart of Mind-Body Medicine, in that it utilizes volitional control in the training of sub-conscious brain process that in turn regulate variety of bodily functions.

This larger conception of EEG Neurofeedback addresses the entire activation-relaxation continuum of brain regulatory networks. It therefore impinges upon central and autonomic arousal, on attentional network, on specific cognitive function, on working memory, and on other memory functions.

There are the degenerative condition such as Parkinsonism and the dementias. where the EEG training may succeed in restoring and then maintaining function even in the face of continuing organic deterioration. In such cases, the training has to be kept up over time in order to maintain levels of function.

Suggested Reading

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Synchrony neurofeedback with a long

term meditator

Neurofeedback makes your brain stronger and more resilient, in the same way as exercise does for the body.