We offer both group therapy and one on one therapy options to help you achieve your highest level of balance in whatever medium is best for you. Dr. Phillips has been practicing therapy for over 35 years in both New York and California.



Dr. Phillips has been a pioneer in neurofeedback in San Diego since 1995. She believes in its power to help individuals restore mental acuity and speed up or slow down brainwaves to achieve the highest level of comfort and efficiency from their mind.


QIK Test

QIK tests help us accurately and effectively measure neurofeedbcak success and results.

Codependency Recovery

Relearn your inner strength and get the emotional tools and support to help you find individual stability and confidence in yourself.


Helping Clients with:

Anxiety and Stress

Learn how to overcome your inner stresses and anxieties with a wide variety of tools and systems such as mindfulness that Dr. Phillips can teach you.

Attention Difficulties

From ADD to ADHD, Dr. Phillips can help you learn how to take back control of your “monkey mind”.

Sleep Dificulties 

Counting sheep not working? Learn different ways you can initiate REM sleep when you have a difficulty catching winks next time.

Autism and Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Phillips has been working with children and adults with autism and spectrum disorders for over 35 years. Learn why neurofeedback may be a wonderful solution for you.

Learning Difficulties

If you’d like to try alternatives from medication for learning difficulties, neurofeedback has been found to be extremely effective and empowering for ADD, ADHD, and more. Schedule an appointment today.


Dr. Phillips can help you learn non invasive, safe practices you can employ to help you find the source of your headaches and treat the root of the problem.


From grand mal to febrile seizures, neurofeedback is a powerful approach that patients love because they can enjoy a movie or video game while working on their seizures. Learn more today.


Speak with Dr. Phillips about how you can overcome past mental and physical trauma through talk therapy, neurofeedback and other methodologies in a safe and comfortable environment.


If you have PTSD or are still recovering from trauma which makes you more on edge, Dr. Phillips has a wide variety of options that can help you find peace and balance again.


Heartache, mental and physical abuse and physical ailments take a toll on our psyche. Get the support you need on the road to mental and physical recovery.

Synchrony neurofeedback with a long

term meditator

Neurofeedback makes your brain stronger and more resilient, in the same way as exercise does for the body.