The Process

The Total Brain Health Process

After taking a thorough look at your history, I will discuss with you what goals you can achieve through neurofeedback. We will then engage in the neurofeedback process which has three different training options: eyes-open, synchrony, and alpha-theta.

We begin with eyes open training. For issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, panic attacks, difficulties with focusing, and ADHD, eyes open training immediately reduces symptoms without the need of talk therapy or drugs. Eyes open training entails pasting small silver electrodes on your scalp (this is not painful). These electrodes are placed on the parts of your scalp that relate to your specific symptoms.

I will then be showing you various scenes on a large screen in front of you that will represent different electrical activity levels, frequencies, so that we can find the one that reduces the intensity of your symptoms and enables you to you feel better.

You will watch a scene, like a forest or a waterfall. Neurofeedback technology allows for the moving image on the screen to represent a particular brainwave speed (frequency).
The scene will change depending upon you brain’s activity and your brain’s ability to produce a desired frequency. These screen changes are one form of feedback to your brain.

When you watch the screen, the brain watches itself in action. It utilizes the information it receives for its own benefit. For instance, people who have difficulty sleeping, feel anxious or overwhelmed, say their mind is racing: this indicates too high a frequency. People who feel fatigued, dizzy or spacey have too low a frequency. Through neurofeedback, your brain will learn to regulate these frequencies which will create positive changes.

As you engage in the neurofeedback process, I will be asking you about changes in your symptoms and their intensity levels. We will work together to discover your optimal frequency which will reduce your symptoms and bring you relief.

The second neurofeedback training is synchrony. This leads to a state of calmness, mindfulness and an almost meditative state. The process of putting electrodes on your scalp and watching a scene is the same, However you are shown different visuals called fractals and given headphones which direct your brain to listen to deeply relaxing frequencies.

The third neurofeedback training is alpha-theta. This is brainwave training for trauma.
I will put electrodes on your scalp in different places and you will pick a particular scene from the screen. I will then blindfold you and give you headphones. You will lean back in a very comfortable chair and be covered with a blanket. You will become deeply relaxed without falling asleep. Memories and images from the past may arise. As this occurs, you become an observer of past experiences, not a participant. This enables you to heal yourself.

Do you want to:

Sleep better? Worry Less? Be able to relax more easily? Be more focused? Feel happier? Accomplish your goals?
Rid yourself of memories of traumas that are holding you back?


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