Who Can Benefit?

neurofeedback-resourcesIndividuals of any age can benefit from Neurofeedback. It can even be used with the very young.

Neurofeedback can help a variety of childhood problems including sleep and eating difficulties, bed wetting, autism and developmental delays, nightmares, hyperactivity, and oppositional or defiant behaviors.

Adolescents in particular enjoy Neurofeedback as they gain relief from many of their symptoms by watching a movie of their choice or playing a video game at the same time as their are training and strengthening their brain. Teens struggle with hormonal, physical, and emotional changes. Social problems become exacerbated, both with family and friends at this time. Self-esteem issues are heightened. Academic pressures from school and learning difficulties (including ADD and ADHD) can be overwhelming. Many teens turn to drugs and alcohol at this time. Neurofeedback can help the adolescent gain control of their own sense of mastery of mental focus, performance,  and self-esteeem.

Adults use Neurofeedback for mood disorders, anger issues, headaches, peak performance training (to enhance one’s abilities in sports, business, and the arts) and to relieve stress from work or home. Neurofeedback is a great help during life transitions. Neurofeedback helps with brain injuries and seizures. It is a powerful treatment for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) along with hypervigilance through Alpha-Theta Training.

Synchrony training helps one in the creation of calmness and  deep feelings of empathy toward others.

As we age, Neurofeedback can help keep the brain sharp and agile, maintaining healthy brain functioning and preventing the development and/or exacerbation of neurological diseases such as Dementia and Parkinson’s.